Hey, I’m Erick Godsey.

I almost lost my mind exploring psychedelics. In order to put it back together, I went to university to get a Bachelor’s of Science in Cognitive Psychology, After graduating, I started on an obsessive autodidactic journey into Evolutionary, Behavioral, Clinical, Analytic, and Transactional Psychology.

I witnessed first-hand how much healing can happen without spending thousands on an over-worked healthcare professional who, after a 15 minute visit, recommends a pharmaceutical with a list of side-effects.

My goal is to create effective and affordable self-development courses. My long-term goal is for these courses to be tested in placebo-controlled double-blind studies. Everything on this site is my documenting along the way.

I have a free ebook on expressive writing, a free email course on improving willpower, and I also host The Metaprogramming Podcast. If you’d like to stay connected, subscribe below.

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(Lol, don’t be fooled. This is the best photo I have of myself.)