My mom tells me that when I was in elementary school, I’d come home everyday asking her why people acted the way they did. I’d ask why AJ got mad at Todd, or why Elizabeth laughed at Stacy. We’d sit at the dining room table for almost an hour and she’d explain the best she could. In highschool, between being an insufferable ass in class, I’d often be asking people what was wrong. Yeah, over AOL messenger.

My fundamental passion has always been psychology. One of my deepest conditioned programs is to help. One day I’ll go into why I think that is but that isn’t for this post. This post is about what my goal is this year. I think our culture is reaching a point where we are starting to understand our human nature more, and how our culture is not in coherence with our nature. Our culture is one of the most medicated and unhappiest. While there are many reasons why, one of the most important is we simply live lives in constant dissonance.

Millions of us, for most of our day, participate in activities against our nature. We exchange our time, our most precious commodity, for money. Where tribal communities once functioned as protector of the individual, money has now become the security token. We’ve replaced gathering around a fire with our tribe for hunching towards illuminated cubes, alone, inside another cube we call rooms.

I’m interested in pragmatism. I think one of the most pragmatic approaches to helping people heal themselves is to help them understand their relationship with, dependence on, an addiction to money. If we can help the individual loosen the knots created by security token chasing, we’ll open up some room for their Self to wiggle through.

And it is getting to know our Self, where I think the greatest healing happens. This is another topic for another post. But a part of my individuationing is to learn about economics and her sisters, advertising and marketing. I’m going to deconstruct them, and share how I use these tools to escape the corporate world. To say another way, I’m going to learn about finances and pass on the useful information I find.

This is a verb. And this is why I love using a blog. The fluidity of this medium can grow with me. Yall will get to see the verbing and hopefully, if your intuition whispers it, you can verb into a little more mastery of security tokens yourself.

Task: What is your Bliss?

Money is a powerful tool. The power we feel from accumulating it can be seductive. Knowing and establishing your life’s purpose is like installing a GPS onto your cognition. Alan Watts may have explained it best. Given our finite life, and that with time, all our achievements will be forgotten, what will we do with our life? He tells us to Imagine we would be successful at whatever we choose and that we lived in a world where money did not matter. What would we do with your life? The answer to this is our bliss — our compass.

I sit down every year and do this little exercise. To calibrate. I like to get crayons because it cues my ego to relax a little and get playful. We have the answers, and they come through the play on the page. (Another, and more risky technique, is to pose this question to yourself then embark upon a plant or chemical journey. MDMA/MDA seems to be the most effective. I have asked this question to dozens of people while they peaked and the results have always been illuminating.)

My answer is to help people heal themselves. This is the compass I carry everywhere. When you’ve found your compass, you can start walking through the halls of capitalism. There are thousands of rooms, thousands of ways you can leverage the security token manifesting tool.

Here is an image that helps me check to see if my compass is still functioning.