“That’s the answer to feeling lonely and depressed; make something and give it to others. Give the authentic” –Allyson Grey

“Give all the credit to the Divine and you will find that miracles happen.” -Allyson Grey


I struggle as a creative. I like to think that the struggle is a kind of initiation process. It keeps the amateurs and frauds out of the temple. I also like the alchemical angle, the struggle is the purifying fire, and it is burning away the nonessential parts of my ego and ambition. I often find myself at the entrance of the temple, so anything I find that helps me as a creative I find important and I’d like to share.

Podcasts are one of my favorite sources of inspiration. Duncan Trussell is one of my favorite podcasters and Alex Grey is one of my favorite artists. So, the surprise is slim when I find a gem when listening to them talk on a podcast. The surprise however, is that the glittering gem came from Alex’s talented partner, Allyson Grey.

Duncan: “Do you guys pray? And if you do, how do you?”


Allyson: “Every night, for a couple of hours at least, three to four hours, we paint…and we draw, to music. And that to us, and that to me, is prayer. We call it art as a spiritual practice”


Duncan: “Man I wish I lived near you guys. I’d go to church all the time.” *crowd laughs*

Her perspective helps me. I have a stern inner critic when it comes to my writing, but when I frame my writing as an offering from a finite little ape up towards the pulsating infinite, the words come just a little easier. I feel compelled to share this perspective because I think creating art is an essential aspect of being a healthy and happy human.

Realize that by being conscious, you are artistic. You are more artistic than you realize. Even if you are one of those artists-in-denial, at the very root, we all are artistic in our construction of our world view. Reality is infinite. We are finite. So our understanding of the world is always incomplete. We create it. We are all artists.


“The principle of the artist is to please one’s Self.” –Christopher Alexander

We all feel the ping of intuition. Learning to communicate with and to understand our intuition is a skill that is undervalued in our scientific world. It is worth articulating that our intuition is not foolproof, but that feeling will guide you towards your art.

If you’re like me, and you know what your art is but you have resistance towards creating, viewing your practice as prayer is freeing. It helped me write this post. I hope it helps you create. There is enough wrong with this world that we don’t have influence over. But we do have influence over our development. Work on tuning your soul, body, and mind, and your light will spill over and illuminate those around you. Help society but helping yourself. Creating art helps your Self.


Pick a time and a place where you can practice your creation as prayer every day. We don’t need to try for 3 to 4 hours like Allyson. She is a master at the top of her craft. We just need to focus on cultivating the habit.

So here is what I’ll be doing. Every evening after work, I am going to go in my room, put on some music, and write. I’m not setting any time limit. I’m going to do this every day for a week and I’ll update this post after in a week with results.

Good luck. Namaste.