I was going through my old blog posts and I found this, from over three years ago;

“I think I’ve made up my mind as to where to start. I’ve had many inspirational thoughts as to what to devote my life too. Almost all drug induced. Today though, I had one of these thoughts sober. I’m going to devote the next couple of years of my life to understanding and playing with the human body. I’m going to try my hand at personal training. Without getting too side tracked, I think our psychologies are more affected by our relationship to our bodies than almost any person recognizes. I also have a feeling therapy could be drastically improved if the counselor and patient worked out together, but that is an entirely other subject.”

I love how writing allows me to revisit forgotten Ericks. We are verbs, changing every day, so it is a gift to be allowed to see an older version of this consciousness program my body is running. It is validating too. I have been learning about and playing with the human body. I’m in the midst of the ‘Slow-Carb” diet, and I’ve been practicing a body-weight fitness routine.

The real interest is in the idea of mental health professionals learning and implementing nutritional and exercise based therapies to aid in psychological healing. If you are aware of any people or books covering this idea, please leave a comment and let me know.


I think the root to metaprogramming begins with our movement and eating. These are two of the earliest programs our biocomputer picks up and they influence almost every other area of our life. I also think that these two programs are the easiest to measure scientifically. We can learn the basics of metaprogramming through reprogramming our movement and eating habits.

The essence of metaprogramming is consciously going over our current programming and choosing how we’d like to reprogram them to fit a future self or goal we want to achieve. This reprogramming can get tricky when we think about emotional responses, metaphysical ideas, or our relationship dances. Start with reprogramming your movement patterns and eating patterns.

Task: Ecstatic Dance

There is a rich history of dance being used as a consciousness-altering tool. Nearly all tribal societies we know of had some form of ecstatic dance as part of ceremony. Want to experience first-hand how intimately linked your body and consciousness are? Do you need more evidence to accept that your movement is one of your core programs that, if tinkered with, effects all “higher” functions? Dance.

Put on a song you love, avoid mirrors and any other judgmental eyes, and dance. Dance hard enough to sweat. See how you feel after only 5 minutes. If you want to think of states-of-consciousness as locations in space/time; where you start and where you’ll end after this dance are worlds apart.

You are your most important relationship. Your relationship to your body is a close second. Take care. Love. Accept. Celebrate. Dance.