I feel fraudulent when my friends make comments about my intelligence or what they think is prolific knowledge. I’ve never taken an IQ test but I think my IQ is well within the normal range. But I do acknowledge that, comparatively, I can come off as having an innate advantage. It is not innate, it can be taught, and you can benefit from it too.

“The eternal problem of the human being is how to structure his waking hours.” –Eric Berne

Eliminate Waste

The CEO and the stoner have the same 24 hours. How we structure these hours is where the differences in individual lives arise. Cutting out the waste is the easiest tool to leverage. This is a principle so I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I’ll offer personal examples.

Cut Cable

I stopped paying for cable four years ago. I have a visceral dislike for this media medium. I feel scrambled being exposed to commercials every 8 minutes. I have a visceral dislike for advertisement, so this was an easy choice. I was also broke when I first made the leap, so that helped kill the addiction.

Systematize Habits

Most days, I don’t have to make a real choice the first 90 minutes I’m awake. I’ve spent years tinkering with optimal breakfasts, meditations, and movement practices. I’ll always be tinkering but this kind of morning takes care of the foundations of my hierarchy of needs.

Cognitive Filters

This is the most important tool.

We live in an interesting time where we can follow people on social media. They can share what information they are playing with. If we follow the right people, they serve as a kind of information filter. They pass onto us, unconsciously, their data selection patterns.

So, follow people who you would like to be more like. Aim high. Look at the really amazing humans who populate this planet. They are cognitive data compressors. Waaay better then pop culture or main stream news.

Podcasts, books, lectures, movies, and documentaries. Pick your mentors. Pick your media, and fucking feast. Here is a list of my current Cognitive Filters

Carl Jung (Books)

Robert Anton Wilson (Books)

Tim Ferriss (Books and Podcasts)

Jordan Peterson (Books and Lectures)

Joe Rogan (Podcasts and Stand-up)

Duncan Trussell (Podcasts)

Find your passion. Find people who have ascended to the heights in your field. Study them. Learn from them. Feed your passions. I love you. Namaste.