The Finite Experiencing The Infinite

We emerge forth from our mother’s uterus unprepared. Humans are the slowest mammal to gain independence from the parent. It takes us almost 18 years, and for others, more than that. But this is not our biggest dilemma. We are also the only animal that appears to be aware of its mortality. Aaaand, it is the flashlight that illuminates this truth that is the source of this post.

Consciousness. But more specifically, embodied consciousness. We are finite beings who inheirit the Atlasian task of beholding the infinite. Reality is beyond us.

“The ultimate mystery of the universe, the ultimate being – if we can call it that – is beyond human thought, beyond all human knowledge. It is beyond even the categories of thought. It is pointless to ask, “Is it one or is it many, is it male or female, is it good or evil?” Those are categories of thought. It would even be meaningless to ask, “Is it or is it not?” Being and nonbeing are also categories of thought. It exists (or doesn’t) absolutely beyond all thinking. It is transcendent of all categories.” -Joseph Campbell

We can only understand by casting out metaphor and linguistic model. All human knowledge is an approximation of the world. Because all human knowledge is filtered through a tool most of us overlook. Just like a scientist’s data is limited to what his tool is able to measure, the tool all human understanding is filtered through is the human nervous system.

Our nervous system can vary a little from human to human but overall, we are nearly identical. And we dance with this limited tool. There are entire vistas of existence that we don’t experience. And of the phenomena that our nervous system can perceive, we only experience the slimmest slice.

Our extended childhood helps us cope with this impossible predicament. Our default programing is to absorb the information, convictions, and beliefs of our tribe. In our modern terms, this means our family.

We see how dad reacts to strangers. System Updates. We hear what mom says after talking with her friend. System Updates. We hear what Dad says during the Election. We see what mom does after she thinks we go to bed. System Updates.

Politics, Metaphysics, Religion

Can you see how this default programming influences your political beliefs? Your religious beliefs? Your metaphysical beliefs?

This is one of those things which you can’t get away from. It is deep in your mind it can’t be undone. Buuuut, if you become aware of this deep programming, you can start to see where you systematically think in flawed ways, you can become more compassionate and understanding too.

It’s an interesting idea and one I’m still working with. Thank you for reading and I love you. Namaste.