The Chief Healer in Training

I survived Euphoria. My podcast guest today is a large reason why (The little asian at the bottom of the picture is her lol). Paige is one of my closest friends. She’s the connecting node between myself and the most important people in my life. I jokingly call her the chief but if you know her you know the title explains her compassion and drive. If you don’t know her, you’re in for a treat. Each podcast is getting better than the last and this one continues the trend.

Paige and I both plan on becoming licensed psychedelic therapists. MAPS is doing the revolutionary work that will make this a legal reality in our lifetime. She is hosting a MAPS Global Dinner, April 30th. Donate and join us.

The first half of the podcast Paige and I explore what MAPS is and we try dropping some knowledge. The power of Google trumps our limited monkey brains so I’ll be adding timestamps under the podcast when we cite any study and you’ll be able to find the direct links.

After about an hour, we move into our lives and Paige flips the script at the end and starts interviewing me. This has been my favorite so far and I’m sure I’ll feel this way about every one. I love you and thank you for listening.





Show Notes

11 mins – My Psychedelic Trip Guide 

12 mins – MAPS

13:44 mins – Acid Test

16:53 mins – MDMA assisted psychotherapy vs. conventional pharmaceuticals

17:54 mins – PTSD Diagnostic Test  

21:17 mins – Prescription Thugs 

24:16 – Phrenology 

32:45 mins – Ecstasy Purity Statistics (I was referencing 2014 stats. It seems ratios are improving.)

33:20 mins – Testing Kit

37:35 mins – MAPS Phase 3 (Rick Doblin Google talk, very good and informative.)  

1:12: 03 – New LSD Study



The Alchemist

The Prophet

Prometheus Rising


A Timeless Moment

The Human Encounter with Death  


Connecting with Paige


MAPS Global Dinner