The single most influential skill I’ve picked up since I learned how to speak is what Julia Cameron calls, “The Daily Pages.” They are mandatory in her book, The Artist’s Way. Her beautiful book and this simple technique revolutionized my artistic life. Since dancing with this book less than a year ago, I’ve started writing my own book, created this blog, and started a podcast.

I want to share the Daily Pages with you because I’m an average human who happened upon a superhuman tool.

The Rules

  1. Write three pages, every morning, long-hand (meaning pen, no keyboard.)
  2. Censor nothing. The writing is stream-of-conscious.
  3. Show no one. Be as raw and honest as you can be.

The Secret

Use what word works for you, God is inside you. Jung would call this the Self. An evolutionary scientist metabolizing mushrooms would say it is the collective genetic knowledge that your genes have accumulated over millions of years of successful procreation. Whatever the linguistic net used, the essence is the same, there is a tremendous wisdom within all of us.

The simple truth is that we have the answers to nearly every single issue in our lives. We know where to go. We know who to cut out of our lives and who to let fall in. We know what we want to dedicate our life towards. We are smarter than we think we are. The schizophrenia is that we stumble through day after day in a perpetual distraction haze without ever having a real conversation with ourselves.

The pages are a tool that creates the space in our day which allows this discussion to happen. God is inside you and she’s a couple feet below the surface. The pages are a shovel. Dig.


Is it okay if I write just a page or two? 

No. Commit to doing the full three pages everyday.

Can I type them? 

You can, but I recommend writing them. I’ve tried both and using my hand forces me to slow down. The point is to slow down a little and be with your Self. Typing allows this tool to start to feel like work to get through.

Can I burn this fucking thing? My writing is garbage. 

lol. Yes you can, if you’d like, but let me tell you, it is a fucking treat to look back on these pages months or years later. Keep them. No art, if genuine, is garbage.


Do you have have a tool(s) that have changed your life? Please share them with me. I love yall and thank you for reading.