Lawd. My mind has been blown today. There have been a few moments in my life where I had been formulating a big idea. Then I would chance upon someone I had never read before and there my idea would be, expressed differently, but the same primal beauty showing through. Today, this happened.

I’m slowly working through a large idea I hope will become a book. An essential part of the idea is a fresh look at Jung’s Individuation Process and the Greek idea of the Daemon. I started reading Robert Greene’s, Mastery today.

Staring back at me was this idea I’m formulating. Robert uses Inclination instead of Daemon and Life’s Task for Individuation Process, but every page, every single page, was reflecting back to me an idea that my consciousness has been dancing with.

If you listen to the podcast, you’ll notice I ask everyone what they were attracted to when they were kids, before Culture and their parents taught them what was important. As you will see, this perfectly flows into what Robert Greene calls “Strategies for Finding your Life’s Task.”

Here are the notes I took while reading,

1) Return to Origins – what were you naturally drawn towards as a child before parents and culture taught you what was important?

Our Life’s Task is an emanation of this primal inclination in childhood. It was not taught. We were born with it, and it is always waiting to be tapped back into.

2) Occupy the Perfect Niche – let your inclination guide you to a new field of study of expertise. Your daemon is unique, so naturally the expression of it will be unique.

There are two ways, pick a field and keep diving deeper and deeper until you find a new niche, or master separate fields and merge them into something new. (The daily pages can help guide us.)

3) Avoid the False Path – Rebel against the path that is given to you by your parents. You must. You have to let your inner inclination guide you.

This links so perfectly to the Jungian idea that the initial crime must be made to start the Individuation Process. We must rebel against the family to start our individuation process.

4) Let Go of the Past – Times will change and your Life’s Task may take you to new occupations. Do not let the external world guide you. You are on your own. Listen. (More reasons to use the daily pages.)

5) Find Your Way Back – Money and Fame and Power can lead you away from the path to your Life’s Task. Whenever you find this happening. Find your way back. (The daily pages help here too.)

He tells the story of Buckminster Fuller and it fucking resonates. Bucky tried to kill himself and he heard a voice that told him not to. I haven’t tried to kill myself but I have had a very specific experience of a voice speaking to me. “The Unconscious is real. Find your tribe.”


I wanted to share this because this is the most excited I’ve been after reading a book in a long time. And I genuinely think this is one of the most important ideas about life to understand. We are each an absolutely unique genetic symphony. It plays an absolutely unique song. Your Life’s Task is you dancing to your symphony.

If you don’t feel connected to yours, write the Daily Pages and really ponder the first question;

What were you naturally drawn towards as a child before parents and culture taught you what was important?

When you understand. Read his book.