London “What can’t I do” Alexander

This is a fucking fun one. London Alexander is on the podcast. He is the creator of Lavish Habits. Comedy, photography, videography, fashion design, entrepreneur, this human is young and extremely talented. We get into his childhood, the inception of his business, future goals, and he makes a special announcement concerning his brand. At the end of the podcast there is a psychological treat as well. If you enjoy this podcast half as much as I enjoyed recording it, this will be one of the best hours of your week. I love yall and thank yall.

Announcement at 31 minute mark.

Cube Game starts at 52 minute mark.

Show Notes 

Gary Vaynerchuk Book

Tim Ferris Book 

48 Laws of Power


Rockefeller Biography 

Ryan Holiday Book 

Joe Rogan Podcast w/ Robert Greene

1,000 True Fans Essay


Lavish Habits