Brendan, Paige, and Synecdoche

This podcast has been in the forge for a couple of weeks now. I met Brendan through Paige, and our first conversation lasted a couple of hours and I left impressed. Once I started the podcast we all knew we’d have to have him on. He is feet down the most knowledgeable movie buff I know. He asked me and Paige to watch Synecdoche, New York, in preparation for the podcast. We review the movie, jump deep into Jungian Psychology, and metaphysics. This is a long one, almost 3 hours, but it is a special one. This is my favorite podcast so far. If you stick with it you will think so too.

Go on a walk, or listen to this on your commute, or while you do chores.

Really good and pragmatic tools to improve your life start popping up after the 55 minute mark.

Dream analysis starts a little after the 2 hour mark.

Show Notes 

Synecdoche, New York

2001: A Space Odyssey

Godel, Escher, Bach 

Jungian Shadow

Jungian Anima/Animus 

Indra’s Net 

Games People Play 

Jung on UFOs

The God Helmet 

The ONE Thing 

The Artist’s Way 

The Daily Pages 

The War of Art 

The Power of Habit 


My DMT Trip