We are story weaving creatures. We remember in stories. We make sense of the world through stories. Our life is a story we are telling ourselves. Plato’s cave dweller seeing the sun, Neo escaping the Matrix, Buddha’s realization; these are stories humans have used to explain the awakening moment. One way to divide our life is in halves. The first half is all the years we lived unconscious to the fact that our world is a subjective story we have creatively weaved. The second half is the life we live after realizing that we have active control over how this story is told.

The daily pages is a habit I practice every morning. It is a great way to capture the story weaver on paper everyday. This post is about a tool I found in The Motivation Manifesto that I danced with in my pages and found it very stimulating. The Motivation Manifesto is a great poetic firestarter. It is a good way to start the day.

The Exercise

Open your daily pages and ask these questions to yourself. Don’t censor; answer instinctually and see what arises.

The Six Archetypes of the Now

The first of the 9 declarations he offers in The Motivation Manifesto is for the reader to be fully present in the moment. He shares 6 archetypes that we can exude when we are in the moment; Observer, Director, Guardian, Warrior, Lover, and Leader. For each Archetype, I’ve picked three or four questions that we can ask ourselves in the daily pages that will activate these six different modes of thinking. The beautiful thing about Archetypes is I don’t need to explain them, reading the names and the accompanying questions will activate the archetype within you.


If I stopped and hovered above my life, what do I see myself doing, and why do I do these things?

What results will happen from my actions and intentions?

What is it I can sense that my mind, body, and spirit truly feel and need and desire right now?


What is the story I am telling myself?

Who are my supporting cast and what are they like? (Include at least 3 people.)

What genre is my story?

If I had to write a synopsis for my movie, how would I explain it?


Am I protecting my mind, body, and spirit?

Who are the negative people poisoning my potential and why are they in my space?

Am I surrounding myself with averters or ascenders?


What is my Life’s Purpose that I am willing to sacrifice my life to?

What do I want, and how hard am I prepared to fight for it?

Do I actively embody my Life’s Purpose everyday?


Is there a way I can demonstrate even more affection and appreciation for my loved ones?

Are there rituals we can create that will bring us all closer?

What would make my loved ones feel more alive and happy?


What can I do to improve this world that I influence?

How can I help others solve problems and achieve their dreams?

Who can I enlist and empower to help achieve something remarkable?

How can I unlock the potential of those around me to do more good?