One of favorite sapiens, undoubtedly the one who has influenced my thoughts more than my parents or culture, is Robert Anton Wilson. His humor, mixed with a depth of intelligence I’ll never know, still guide my thinking and writing. The meme he infected me with most pervasively was Model Agnosticism. Essentially, life is a Rorschach Ink Blot, each human nervous system constructs a subjective view of infinity, and these lens we peer through at eternity are our reality tunnels.

He warns;

Don’t believe anyone’s BS (belief systems) entirely. And don’t entirely believe your own BS either.

Our belief systems are the stories we tell ourselves to justify our Reality Tunnels. Liberation begins with recognizing your default reality tunnel, and real learning is exploring others without feeling the reactionary need to argue with or ignore conflicting ones.

I choose to actively build a reality tunnel that allows for human’s to be born with a destiny. I think we have free will to choose our life’s purpose, but that we are born with an itch that guides us to our destiny. I fully acknowledge that this is a story I am telling myself, a reality tunnel I’m constructing that I think is fulfilling, enjoyable, sexy, and humorous. I’ve aligned the memories of my life to tell the story that my dharma is to help people help heal themselves.

Currently that story has brought me shin deep in Evolutionary Psychology books. Broadly summarized as Darwinism, the next few weeks of posts will be my exploring this reality tunnel looking for gems that can be applied to help people live more fulfilling lives.

My primary philosophical axiom is that life has no objective meaning if the individual chooses to believe that (strange loops indeed), and by believing this, we are free to create our own; so create a fucking dope one. I dubbed the “life has no objective meaning” RAWism, because it was Robert Anton Wilson who freed a 19 year old from existential paralysis.


The chosen realization that life has no objective meaning is disorientating. I don’t know how I came to pragmatism, but it saved me from the overwhelming metaphysical freedom I had now that I decided there was no objective meaning. RAWism brought me out of Plato’s Cave. Pragmatism is a pair of sunglasses the magical forest dwarves gave me. Pragmatism is a metaphysical filter. Pragmatism’s basic claim is; insofar as truth has any meaning, truth is a thought or belief that lead to successful action in the world. (We can semantically knit-pick this into extinction but here’s an example;

I live in a world controlled by a selective few. They are massively powerful and selfish, and have created a social system where I have no hope of living a satisfying life. All I can do is enjoy my brief time on earth while trying to illuminate young girls at suburban house parties with my youtube research.


The world is guided by a cosmic consciousness that incarnated me specifically into this genetic body and this temporal space. I am a question this cosmic consciousness is asking itself and my life is my answer. This consciousness loves courage and I courageously move in the direction of my love and goals.

Both are metaphysically unprovable, but one leads to a more fulfilling life, while the other actually inhibits action.

I use pragmatism as a metaphysical Ockham’s Razor. The truth is, I have spent so much time reading Robert Anton Wilson and about Pragmatism because I was at a point in my early adult life where I felt as if I was on the brink of insanity. The other day I heard someone say that writer’s write about the battles they struggle with. I struggled with mental health as a young experimenting psychonaut. RAWism and Pragmatism helped me heal myself.

My Purpose

I did the dance and got the certificate saying I studied Cognitive Psychology enough to earn a Bachelor’s degree. I’m 25 now and facing down the fork in the road. One path is graduate school. The other is to self-teach and create some kind of helpful service that will get me enough security tokens (money) so I can continue learning and helping. I’m procrastinating on choosing. Currently I’m completely obsessed with learning about Homo Sapiens. So for the next 2-4 weeks, that means that there will be a lot of Evolutionary Psychology related posts.


The entirety of Evolutionary theory can be summed up as;

“If within a species there is a variation among individuals in their hereditary traits, and some traits are more conducive to survival and reproduction than others, then those traits will become more widespread within the population. The result is that the species aggregate pool of heredity traits changes.” -Robert Wright

This is the guiding narrative that will shape what Evolutionary Psychology has to say about human nature. Evolutionary Psychology is a persuasive reality tunnel and I think that downloading it onto my consciousness will help me help people heal themselves.

Thank you for reading. I’ll do my best to bring back the gold from these literary hunts. I love you and namasteezy.