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This picture really resonates with me. I started thinking about it while I was writing my daily pages. I was struck with how much I wanted to share this with all of my friends. I wanted to know what they thought and I wanted to get to know what lessons I’m currently in the midst of learning. I had one of my rare sober revelations and decided to start the Weekly Daily Pages Prompt.

I tried something like this before.

The Daily Pages are a keystone habit. And it is in the daily pages that I have some of my best thoughts. I am going to start putting out weekly prompts of exercises I’ll be asking of myself during this morning ritual. The prompts will always be some exercise I come across in one of the books I’m reading. I’m going to share this because I think it fascinating and I want to connect with any of my readers who want to connect as well.

This Week’s Prompt 

Use this for this week when writing your daily pages. Let the intial questions send you down where ever your mind wants to wonder.

What are the 3-5 lessons I am currently in the midsts of learning? From here, explore. What kinds of lessons are they? Which one do I seem to be failing and having to relearn?

I’m am going to enjoy seeing what this will grow into. Please share any insights, advice, or revelations. I love yall and thank you for reading. Namasteezy.