This post is a little different. Normally I offer advice, but here I’d like to ask for your help.

In order for me to understand something, I have to try to go to the most fundamental parts and understand those. So when I began thinking about metaprogramming, I dug the rabbit hole I’d trip down.

Humans are evolutionary animals. We competed to survive and reproduce for millions of years before we ever had self-consciousness. In those preconscious times, we learned (through procedural memory), how to behave “successfully enough” to not die before reproduction. (Men need to be strong and gain status, women need to be fertile and choose mates carefully.)

Those behaviors that were successful enough for survival and reproduction are engrained into the deepest structures of our nervous system. Each of us are the children of thousands of biological iterations of these primal behaviors.

These primal drives our the foundation of our human nature. As far as I’m aware, social psychology, evolutionary psychology, and ethology are three scientific branches that seek to understand this nature.

Social psychology calls these primal behaviors “fixed-action patterns.” Ethologists call them “imprints,” (imprints themselves are not the primal behaviors, but they are key developmental moments where the nervous system of the animal learns how to deploy the primal behaviors.) And Evolutionary Psychologists call them “evolved psychological mechanisms.”

I believe cognitive psychology’s heuristics and cognitive biases are closely related as well.

The Metaphor 

There is a famous sufi story of the 6 blind men who all touched different parts of an elephant. The man who grabs the tail thought he had rope, the man touching the tusk thought he had a weapon, etc. I think each of these sciences is uncovering different parts of the unconscious.

I’m very interested in exploring as much of the territory as I can.

My Question

If you know of other fields that are touching on this same idea, would you share them with me? Books, authors, systems, etc.

I prefer scientific rigor, but I have a strong feeling that there are some occult, religious and gnostic writings that touch on this same thing that could be helpful.


I will be updating this post with the helpful recommendations and responses. Thank you and namasteezy.

Thank You

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