Metaprogramming Technique: Identify Your Interests

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As a student, teacher, and coach; Mike is perpetually seeking to evolve and expand his knowledge and understanding of existing. He utilizes a multi-faceted holistic approach to achieving success in health and wellness utilizing the Biological-Psychological-Social (Bio-Psycho-Social) model of health. His approach integrates a conscious effort into stress management through; self-awareness/analysis, whole food nutrition, embodied movement, intentional recovery & self-care.

In summary, Mike’s goal is to empower and inspire individuals to rediscover the inherent wisdom their bodies and minds possess. He believes doing so will lead to a more pleasurable, fulfilling, and sustainable wellness experience that will last a lifetime and inspire others to do the same.

Residing north of Seattle Washington; In his spare time Mike enjoys exploring the mountain trails of the Pacific Northwest in his camper vans with his two dogs Rufus and Jax.

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Jordan Peterson 

Alan Watts 

Corey Allen

Robert Sapolsky 

Joe Rogan 

Captain Fantastic