Metaprogramming Technique: MDMA and Expressive Writing/Talking

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Paige has been my Psychedelic Therapy Enthusiast friend for years. We’ve been interested in helping people with these medicines for almost a decade now, and it is fucking beautiful to see how popular this idea is becoming. On this podcast, we geek out over the latest Psychedelic Medicine research that was presented at MAPS Psychedelic Conference 2017. We focus on MDMA, Psilocybin, and LSD.

We go over what she learned at the MAPS Psychedelic Conference 2017. FIrst we explore the latest research on MDMA, Psilocybin, LSD, and microdosing.

Paige, thank you for being my extroverted partner in exploring, researching, and advocating psychedelic therapy. Your sincerity and humility made this podcast a fucking treat, and the NOTES! Thank you for helping even a few more people understand the benefit of responsibly using psychedelics.

Show Notes 


MDMA starts at the 8 minute mark 

Michael Mithoefer MDMA Lecture
Ecstasy Testing Website I mentioned
Acid Test
Kevin Francioppi Lecture (MDMA and Schizophrenia) 

Psilocybin starts at the 28 minute mark 

Matthew Johnson Lecture on Psilocybin
A New Understanding Documentary 

LSD starts at 1 hour and 3 minute mark 

David Nichols LSD Lecture
Selen Atasoy LSD Lecture

Micro-dosing starts at 1 hour 41 minute mark 

James Fadiman’s Micro-dosing Lecture