Metaprogramming Technique: What does it mean to be an Alpha?

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The first time I met Zerin, it was at Aubrey Marcus’s Go For Your Win graduation. We weren’t able to talk but we made eye-contact, and I’ll never forget it; I got the genuine sense that this dude “got it.” It is hard to articulate, but the podcast proved my intuition. I don’t think Zerin realized it, but his cadence and tone from the beginning of the podcast slowed my caffeinated mind down, and we got deep and genuine right away.

We get into the psychology of confidence, his personal myth, the power of coaches in our early lives, how podcasts deepen conversations, the exponential power of authenticness, intuition vs rationality, how I got into studying habits, Zerin’s ideal habits, the philosophy of pragmatism, dealing with the Shadow, our ideas on “Alpha,” and what his business, Xpand Yourself.

Zerin, fucking thank you for coming on. Your genuineness shone through like a gawwwddamn supernova. I resonate with your mission and your business, and I look forward to seeing it Xpand (you see what I did there haha.) Love you brother. Slay Dragons. Namasteezy.

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