Metaprogramming Technique: Why I Track My Behavior 

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James brought some muhh-fucking brain candy. Once he got going, I barely talked. He is a podcaster and coach in the “ReWilding” community. He helps domesticated sapiens (you and I) rewild themselves.

We talk about Rewilding (fascinating and new idea to me), the metaphor of the two wolves inside us, his personally rock-bottom, the caveman diet, “shoshin,” Transition culture, his morning and evening routine, and his microdosing experience.

James, thank you for coming on and enlightening my audience and I. You’ve got an intimidating amount of charisma and passion (to my insecure ego haha). I wish you the best on your journey, and I look forward to seeing your success bloom that I’m convinced is inevitable. Namasteezy brother.

Show Notes 

Ancestral Radio 

“I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.” -Frank Lloyd Wright 

The research on Sugar’s Toxicity 

Captain Fantastic 

Morning Routine 

Clear Lock 



Rewild or Die 

The Art is Long