Metaprogramming Technique: Why I Track My Behavior 

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I met Cody through Daniela, (if you know her and want her on the podcast, pressure her for me lol). We instantly started geeking out and knew we needed to do a podcast. Cody is a Biochemist in an Immunology/Microbiology lab working with studying Tuberculosis. He gets to wear hazmat suits.

We talked about his field of research, his early life, his college crisis, what gives him flow, I ask him about his highest life goal (and he is candid), what might be the agnostic scientist’s heaven, his dance with religion, and his advice to people thinking about graduate school.

Cody, thank you for coming on. I know a lot of my intelligent but introverted friends don’t think they could bring value to the audience and I just don’t agree. I think your honesty about your mini-college crisis and your insight into grad school is going to bring a lot of people value. Looking forward to seeing your published papers. Good luck brother.

Show Notes 

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