Metaprogramming Technique: Why I Track My Behavior 

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When thinking how to introduce Kat and this conversation, Grace was the first word that came to mind. Within minutes the conversation turned to the recent passing of her father, and her ability to explore what happened, offer advice, and provide perspective was something I admired while editing. If you want to hear a candid conversation about grief, listen to her.

We talk about grief, how to handle it, how to be a friend to someone grieving, what not to say to someone grieving, her advice for people interested in trying a vegan diet, Buddhism, God, our idea of the afterlife, and Kat somehow got me talking about Jesus lol.

Kat, I’m honored you came on the podcast and spoke as candidly as you did. I’m seriously impressed by your compassion and what you want to dedicate your life to. I wish you the best on your journey, and I think you sharing your story is going to help people. I’ll come to one of your classes soon! Namasteezy.

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