Metaprogramming Technique: Why I Track My Behavior 

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If you’ve ever been interested in the new movement movement (lol), evolutionary biology, or curious about how you could improve your joint pain, give Chandler some of your time. I was really impressed with how candid and authentic he was with me. It was our first time talking and he feels like a friend. There are actually quite a few practical nuggets you could start implementing today.

We talked about Gestalt psychology, the death of his “conventional” career goals, and how he became a successful online coach.

Thank you Chandler for coming on and sharing your knowledge with the audience. I know a lot of us (me for sure), have movement patterns molded by desk life, and this podcast really generated some practical advice, and some great book recommendations. Looking forward to your growth brother.

Show Notes

Growth and Excitement of the Human Organism 

Finite and Infinite Gains 

The Art of Possibility 

The Artist’s Way

Functional Anatomy Seminars