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Rob has the heart of a puppy and the body of a wolf. Since the day he decided to take himself off the adderall he was prescribed as a kid, he left his hometown to travel the country. He has been through every state, living everywhere from bridges to mansions to Indian reservations. He lives his philosophy, and I’m glad he stopped his travels to come do this podcast in person.

We talked about his early life, his call to the nomadic life, how the road was his college, and how he discovered his calling to be a bee farmer.

Rob, thank you for coming on, sharing your stories, your ganja, and your laugh. Your first impression on me is still one of the most significant first impressions anyone has had on me (we touch on it in the podcast.) I admire your goals and fucking love the honey you shared. I’m converted to the hippie crack. Namasteezy brother.

Show Notes 

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