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When I started the podcast, I made a list of some dream guests. Well, today one of them came on. Cory Allen is a composer, meditation teacher, bullshit destroyer, trickster, Cosmic Telephone Operator, and the podcast host of one of my favorite, The Astral Hustle. (He also studied and worked directly with Robert Anton Wilson, which, my brain still doesn’t know how to process that.)

We get into the birth of his illusion-destroying ego, his frequent encounters with obsession, the wisdom of heating your oil on the stove, and his primary hero’s journey (achieving the identity “professional musician”.) He also drops little existential squiggly wigglies throughout.

Corey, thank you so fucking much for your time, your attention, and your humor. I was blown away by how ‘in the now’ you were, and you’ve set an example I’m going to emulate when I meet younger, earnest grinders who ask for my time and attention. I love and respect your work, and I’ll be preordering the book as soon as it’s available.

Show Notes 

The Astral Hustle (Cory’s Podcast)