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Don Hoffman is a Cognitive Scientist at the University of Irvine, California. He has a TED talk that has been seen over 2 million times about the nature of our perception. He has recently published a mathematical proof that supports his claim that the chances our perceptual systems accurately perceive objective reality is 0. If you’d like to dive down the rabbit hole Alice, check out this podcast.

We dive into the nature of our perceptions, it’s implications for our cosmology, and what he sees as the future of psychology.

I can’t believe Don came on the podcast. It was a challenge to stay in my role as interviewer. My mind began melting 27 minutes in. I only get to simulate these types of experiences because yall support me. Thank you. All the symbolic love projections.

Show Notes 

His TED talk 

His podcast with Cory Allen 

His podcast with Michael Philip

Jordan Peterson explaining Hoffman’s work  

Jordan Peterson explaining why we need filters