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This is a special episode.

Kevin Johnson is the founder of Zero Gravity Institute in Austin, Texas and is also the first official sponsor of the podcast. This podcast and website is named after an idea that came from the same mind that created the float tank, John C Lilly. In the myth of Erick that my ego weaves, getting into my first float tank feels like a symbolically meaningful event. I have a feeling a lot of the undoing of the myth of Erick is going to happen in the tank as well.

We dive into Kevin’s myth, experiences in sensory deprivation tanks, and we go deep into Shamanism.

Kevin, thank you for creating Zero Gravity Institute and for sharing your experiences with floating and ayahuasca on this podcast. I’m honored that you’re sponsoring the podcast and I look forward to seeing just how deep I can get before I try talking to dolphins on LSD. Love live John Lilly.

Show Notes 

His Float Conference Keynote