Metaprogramming The Most Important Human Ability

There is a potential you, who you know you could become if you did everything you know you should do, and you stopped doing everything you know you shouldn’t.

That potential you sits in the future, and watches you. It judges. If you really wish to realize your potential, it’s gaze will burn away your rotten parts; the bad habits, bad relationships, and thoughts you entertain that weaken you.

There is a mythological motif that God could never reveal his true form to mortals because they’d burst into flames. Our highest potential is exactly like that. If we really gave proper attention to who we know we could become, we’d burn away almost all that we currently are.

But this self-killing is better than the alternative; to come to the end of your life looking into the disappointed eyes of your potential.

“Sacrifice who you are for who you could become.”

– Jordan Peterson

If you’re interested in using a scientifically-validated method that will help you envision your potential, and a technique for manifesting it, this 5 day email course will help you do that.

If you’re comfortable where you currently are and don’t want to change, this course isn’t for you. If you aren’t prepared to read and write for 25 minutes for the next 5 days, don’t sign up.

It can be uncomfortable to clearly see the parts of ourselves that need improving. This course, if we give the writing proper attention, will expose us to ourselves, and I think this is good. With proper attention, we can sacrifice who we are, for who we could become.

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