My Purpose

one-of-me(I’m the goofy looking dude.)

Currently, I work at a Tech company in Austin, TX. However, the content I cover in this blog is my real passion.

I’m guilty of having a cliche journey. I went to college wanting to major in philosophy (they didn’t have a philosophy department so I majored in psychology.)

I was a curious and questioning kid who grew up without a metaphysical myth (religion or ideology). I started ingesting psychedelic chemicals, started questioning the nature of reality, and started listening to Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Carl Sagan, and Robert Anton Wilson.

I almost lost my sanity.

By the end of college, and after a lot of bad philosophical writings I wouldn’t show anyone, my metaphysical conclusion was a kind of Existential Pragmatism.

Life seems to be a story we are all telling ourselves (there is a lot of psychological science that supports this), and the key to helping people is to understand what kind of story they are telling themselves, and teach them how to be consciously engaged in their storytelling.

After graduating, that glorious accomplishment landed me a job wrapping burritos at Chipotle. My first week there successfully persuaded me that I needed
to become an entrepreneur.imageedit_4_8953984692

So I decided to mix all the things I love; learning, writing, teaching, psychology, and helping people.

This blog is my sharing while searching. I want to learn, understand, and share the most effective science that helps people improve their lives.


(I’m the goofy looking boy.)

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